Voith Turbo, the drive technology specialist, presents animations of fill-controlled fluid couplings on a completely new multimedia CD-ROM. Fill-controlled fluid couplings operate on the principle of hydrodynamic power transmission, meaning that torque is transmitted by a liquid – and occurs in a completely wear-free manner. The CD-ROM contains not only animations of fill-controlled couplings themselves, but also demonstrations of the principles of hydrodynamics and several examples of typical applications in the form of eye-catching animations.

Voith fill-controlled couplings

Voith fill-controlled couplings handle the most difficult drive requirements in a variety of applications in the conveying and processing fields. The main fields of applications for this type of coupling are: belt conveyor systems up to several kilometers long; armored face conveyors (AFC) for underground coal mining operations; heavy-duty shredders, such as those used in metal recycling; and ball mills used in material processing.

Voith couplings transmit from a few 100kW up to several megawatts of power. They ensure controlled acceleration of the driven machine, effectively dampen shocks and vibrations in the driveline, adjust the speed precisely and, in addition, provide effective overload protection. They can be used to easily incorporate a clutching function and provide active load sharing in multi-motor drives.

Multimedia CD-ROM about fill-controlled fluid couplings

Voith Turbo has designed the CD-ROM with the viewpoint of the customer in mind. In addition to introducing fill-controlled fluid couplings as a product together with the basic principles of operation, examples of applications illustrate the advantages of using Voith couplings in drivelines.

The result is a state-of-the-art multimedia CD-ROM with attractive, speaker-guided animations in either English or German. Starting the various applications is simple and intuitive, installation on the computer is not necessary; however, the operating system must be Windows® XP or higher.