As of 01/04/2006 Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG, Crailsheim, Germany, is taking over Valvex Ventiltechnik GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Valvex Ventiltechnik, founded in 1971, specializes in developing and producing explosion-proof solenoid valves and valve groups that are used primarily in the mining and in the refrigeration industry. During the course of the takeover, the company will be fully integrated into the Product Group Electric Control and Drive Technology within the Voith Turbo Market Area Industry at the location Crailsheim.

The product program of Valvex is an ideal supplement to the Voith Turbo portfolio. Valvex products are used in all cases where high availability is the main criterion in environments with explosion hazards. Since 1975, Valvex solenoid valves have been widely used in underground mining applications. The valves are utilized for dust suppression (crusher, plough track and transfer spraying), for mine ventilation and for the control of armored face and belt conveyors (for example in Voith Turbo fill-controlled fluid couplings) and industrial brakes. There are also numerous special applications. Above ground, the explosion-proof solenoid valves are used in refrigeration plants.

Voith Turbo is a worldwide leader in energy technology and stands for continuity in its markets. The implementation into Voith Turbo ensures the long-term availability and further development of the Valvex products.