Between 16 and 26 February 2011, the Compact Bucket Wheel Excavator SRs(H) 1050 and Spreader A2Rs-B 5500.60 were tested to verify their guaranteed performance parameters.

The test was successfully completed despite difficult local conditions characterised by permanently changing block parameters. All performance parameters specified for both machines were met during the test.

Tenova TAKRAF’s customer ELEM expressed his full satisfaction about the fact that the excavator excellently adapted itself to the specific geological conditions of the Macedonian site thanks to a new type of levelling device.

The excavator superstructure can be levelled in the horizontal plane. This enables operations on benches with 11% slope and hence the selective mining of thin interbeds of coal and the removal of interburden.

The SRs(H) 1050 is the largest compact excavator worldwide with boom levelling function. The comprehensive design of the SRs(H) 1050 combines numerous innovative technical solutions:

  • Innovative wheel boom design featuring a combination of full-web and framework structures. This design enhances the torsional stiffness of the structure and minimizes its responsiveness against oscillations.
  • Bucket wheel boom hoisting system with two hydraulic hoisting cylinders. This type of hoisting system was installed with TAKRAF compact excavators for the first time.
  • New type of gear rim consisting of several segments with internal toothing ensuring easy replacement of individual segments.
  • New type of cable routing between undercarriage and superstructure via two independent pivots ensuring a slewing range of 360°.
  • Optimised hydraulic superstructure levelling device.
  • High block digging efficiency of about 0.8. Thanks to a short double crawler travel gear of extremely compact design and a very long wheel boom, the machine can advance more than 10 m per horizontal slice.

Hence the block digging efficiency of the SRs (H)1050 compares to that of giant type bucket wheel excavators even though its service weight is much smaller.

A large number of lifetime lubricated components and hardened surfaces of gearings, ball races, shackles and track wheels enhances the service lives of crucial components and minimizes the scope of maintenance to be provided by the customer.

The above mentioned technical and operational advantages have made the compact excavator SRs (H) 1050 a first choice product on the world market.