SimMine is build on a powerful technique: the usa of simulation engines combined with a user-friendly interface the programme can be used either as a pre-feasibility study or as a planning tool at an already operating mine.

SimMine has released its newest version 1.15, containing more advanced material handling. Through loading bays, shafts, crushers, silos and conveyors you can simulate your material moving from stope to surface. Through the advanced settings the user is able to control how the material is moving as well as to foresee problems and solutions. There is the opportunity to set capacities, the time until operational (how long it will take after you have developed the area before the conveyor / crusher is operational), shift schedules, dump spots, availability and many other functions.

Through our output charts and tables you will be able to analyse on how your system works and where you can improve. By using a simulation technique as an engine you will be able to be much more proactive in troubleshooting, compared to traditional spreadsheet programs.

By using SimMine, you will be able to improve your system diagnoses. It can be everything from analysing the whole process of development, the production or material handling or the analysis of a local area in the mine where problems occur. SimMine is using simulation as a engine and therefore users are able to control and plan their steps in advance.