In an effort to promote students the understanding of available tools to assist them in cutting difficult materials of all kinds, but specifically those relating to the metallurgical class in which they were participating, Minco Pipe, has donated ThermRods, burning bars and the appropriate holders to the students of Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, Calfornia.

The students were amazed at how quickly and easily MPI cutting tools burned through difficult materials. Their instructor, Dave Bezaire, contacted Minco Pipe to thank them for continuing in this program and for their support of metallurgical education at Orange Coast. “It is exciting to see our students so enthusiastic about a project and a product,” stated Bezaire.

Minco Pipe burning bars and ThermRods are the ‘cutting solution’ for copper, nickel, titanium, carbon steel, metal spills, sprues, refractories, large scrap pieces, hard-to-reach locations as well as a myriad of additional uses. Available in multiple lengths and diameters, MPI ThermRods and burning bars can be used to cut material as thin as 1in or as thick as 6ft and provide accessibility for hard-to-reach locations.

Minco Pipe is pleased to provide support for the education of students as well as to ignite their enthusiasm for the metallurgical field.