Increasing health and safety regulatory control, rapid energy cost escalation and operating cost of mining as mines go deeper are driving the global mining industry to react vigorously.

Simsmart Technologies (Simsmart) has recognised the above urgent mining facts and challenges and has perfected a mining solution adapted from its military business to control and optimize underground ventilation, pumps and other electrical equipment. To address these matters, Simsmart now offers the mining industry a complete SCADA system called SmartEXEC (EXpandable Energy Control).

Working closely with major mining companies, several SmartEXEC systems are currently being implemented.
SmartEXEC is a turnkey expandable solution that integrates existing PLC or DCS based controls, their expansion, instrumentation and optionally personnel and machinery tracking. SmartEXEC fully supports Ventilation-On-Demand (VOD). SmartEXEC offers five levels of system implementation from an entry level to a complete solution adaptable to each customer’s needs. Each implementation level offers unique benefits.

Level 1 offers surface/remote manual control and monitoring using a low maintenance, very flexible integrated HMI (fans on-off or VFD speed setpoint, controllable doors, regulators/dampers).

Level 2 offers event based and scheduling control applicable to all implementation levels. Events are executed on a time basis, on signal threshold or on demand (i.e: zone flushing, shutdown, pre blast, post blast, shift start, high gas concentration.)

Level 3 offers operator setpoint for flow, gas concentration and temperature control.

Level 4 offers flow control via ventilation demand calculation as a function of personnel location, machinery location and operating status. A link to a tagging and tracking system is required for this implementation level. Tracking may cover zone in/out gates to full tracking coverage. SmartEXEC may be provided with a turn-key tracking system or link to an existing or planned tracking installation.

Level 5 offers mine wide air distribution optimization and surface fans energy optimisation.

SmartEXEC implementation qualifies for available energy efficiency related grants for engineering assessment and system installation in several jurisdictions. Simsmart can assist in applying for these grants.

Please Visit us at the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) annual conference in Montreal from May 22 to May 24, 2011 at booth #804 for a live presentation on SmartEXEC.