Miner Elastomer Products Corporation® (MEPC®) is excited to be attending the PERUMIN 34 Mining Convention at the Cerro Juli Convention Center in Arequipa, Peru from September 16 to 20, 2019.

This show is focused on Innovation, Technology and Sustainability within the mining industry. During this show MEPC® will be showcasing our TecsPak® mining products and our new EU-RollersTM product line for conveyor applications at booth number 510 in the United States Pavilion. All of our products are highly engineered and focus on innovation and sustainability to help optimize your mining operations.

Miner Elastomer Products® is excited to be showcasing our new EU-Rollers during this show. These rollers are ENERGY EFFICIENT, more DURABLE and more COST EFFECTIVE than traditional rollers and meet the CEMA 502-2016 standard. We have two different types of rollers depending on your conveyor application needs. Our Standard and Impact rollers have numerous advantages that include:

  • High resistance to wear
  • Corrosive resistance roller body
    Longer bearing life
    Lower noise pollution than traditional steel rollers
    Shock resistance bearing cover
    Lighter Mass than traditional steel rollers

For more information regarding sizing and additional guidelines for selecting a roller for your conveyor applications please contact us directly at 630-232-3129.

Miner Elastomer Products® will also have a life size suspension model on site for customers to review. This model shows the inner workings of our suspension and is a great visual for everyone. MEPC’s suspensions are known to optimize your haul trucks performance by eliminating timely maintenance. TecsPak® suspensions are virtually maintenance free which allows you to spend more time out in the field. These suspensions don’t require any oil or nitrogen to operate them as well, because our TecsPak® pads do all of the work for you!

Wheel Chocks are essential for any mining operation and they help keep your most valuable assets safe. Miner Elastomer Products® offers five different sized wheel chocks to fit the needs of your mining operations. Our smallest chocks can be used on utility vehicles while our larger chocks are meant for haul trucks. MEPC’s chocks are unique to the industry due to their design and durability. These chocks are lightweight and user friendly due to the fact that each chocks has a handle on the back of the chock and wings on the side of the chock. These features allow the user grab the chock from different angles for easy installation and removal. Our chocks can also survive an accidentally run over due to their material composition. All of our wheel chocks meet the following OSHA and MSHA specifications: 1910.178(K) 1910.178(M) 30 CFR §56.14207.

Last of all Miner Elastomer Products® will have a variety of our shovel components on hand for customers to look at. TecsPak® mining shovel components are designed to improve performance, reduce downtime due to maintenance and increase shovel output. Our TecsPak® shovel components ability to absorb impacts result in longer life allowing for reduced shovel maintenance and overall lower operating cost.

We look forward to seeing you in Peru at booth number 510 in the United States Pavilion! To find more information about TecsPak® and Miner Elastomer Products® please visit our website.