In today’s world, where the use of advanced building materials and technologies is accompanied by the risk of fires and industrial accidents, safety becomes a key issue. Modern industrial accidents and fires result in the release of large amounts of hazardous and toxic gases, moreover, the fire-fighting industry is implementing cutting-edge technologies that effectively reduce risks by displacing oxygen with other gases, interrupting combustion.

Considering these factors, using reliable personal respiratory protection equipment becomes critically important. DEZEGA, in its ongoing commitment to ensuring people’s safety, introduces the new – DEZEGA EmSCAPE. This chemically bound oxygen emergency escape hood is designed to protect the respiratory system in an emergency. Providing an independent source of oxygen in any environment ensures reliable protection against dangerous gases and smoke.

Unlike filtering respiratory protection devices, DEZEGA EmSCAPE has its own oxygen supply. This means that its protective properties and working duration time do not depend on the concentration of hazardous gases or the presence of oxygen in the surrounding environment. Furthermore, DEZEGA EmSCAPE does not contain high-pressure cylinders, while it’s typical for compressed air self-rescuers (EEBD) or compressed oxygen devices. EmSCAPE is also maintenance-free throughout its entire service and storage life.

DEZEGA EmSCAPE features compact dimensions (29x16x26 cm) and a lightweight design (up to 2.4 kg) when stored, and weighs only 1.9 kg when donned. This makes storing, carrying, and using in any condition convenient. The working duration time is 30 minutes during evacuation and up to 90 minutes while awaiting rescue. The fully automatic starter provides an immediate oxygen supply, making it extremely user-friendly.

No special training is required to use DEZEGA EmSCAPE – simply familiarize yourself with the accompanying documentation and pictograms. This makes it ideal for use in industrial settings and high-rise buildings, hotels, dormitories, and hospitals during fire evacuations.

DEZEGA EmSCAPE is not just a device; it is a solution for those who value their lives and the lives of others.