The Cirlock System is a lockout device for circuit breakers permanently fixed to distribution boards.

The Cirlock Lockout System is a unique system of Lockout / Tagout, developed by Erik Larsen in 1992 in Mount Isa, Queensland and is to this day still made in Australia and used by many mine sites power stations and hospitals.

When professionally installed and used, it helps to prevent unintended energisation of electrical circuits (circuit breakers).

As the Lockout System is permanently in place, it is ideal in situations where regular shutdowns or maintenance is carried out.


The system consists of 2 parts:

  • The Mounting Set
  • The Lockout Arm

The Mounting Set is attached to the circuit breakers Escutcheon plate, normally the full length of the cut-out made for circuit breakers. A number of Lockout Arms, one for each circuit breaker, are then added. Because various brands of circuit breakers have different pole widths and sizes, Mounting Sets and Lockout Arms must be ordered to fit the brand and type of circuit breaker in use.

We update our list of Lockout Arms available as new circuit breakers enter the market, to make sure we always have a Lockout Arm which is a correct and safe fit.


What if I have an older existing board?

It is simple to retrofit to existing boards. In the case of really old boards which don’t conform to the new standard sizing/spacing we are able to custom make Lockout Arms as required.

What material are they made from?

The Cirlock System is made in Australia from clear anodised aluminium, plastic brackets and coated steel hinge rods.

Will I need any fixings to install the Cirlock System?

The Cirlock System is supplied in kit form including all fittings nuts/bolts.

How do I order?

Easy Ordering – Send us a photo or sketch of the distribution board and we can return details and prices on what is required.

Also available in a Non-Conductive Option.

Head to our Contact Details to get in touch with Cirlock or to check out the system on our website.