Kaitronn, a technical consulting company in Brazil, has reaffirmed its partnership with DataProphet— a global leader in artificial intelligence for the process industries. Together, Kaitronn and DataProphet are able to offer a local and holistic package for the optimisation of industrial processes and beneficiation plants in Brazil.

DataProphet, with its Brazilian integration partner Kaitronn, have recently completed a deployment of DataProphet PRESCRIBE for a well-known brand.

Jeanlis Brito Zanatta, CEO of Kaitronn: “As a technical consulting firm in Brazil, we are always on the lookout for “best-in-class” solutions to offer our clients. DataProphet PRESCRIBE has won a number of international awards and provides quantifiable results for our clients. We are therefore excited to be continuing our partnership with DataProphet into the future and hope that many more of our clients will benefit from their AI solutions.”

DataProphet’s Expert Execution System (EES)— DataProphet PRESCRIBE, optimizes beneficiation plants through a deep learning artificial intelligence system. By using powerful machine learning algorithms, DataProphet PRESCRIBE is able to inductively discover the complex relationships between process parameters and plant metrics, and generate prescriptive remedial actions. A web-based interface provides operators with continuous and actionable prescriptions to optimize yield, throughput and energy utilization — making a real difference to process outcomes.