To keep fighting fit, we decided to pack on some extra product muscle. So AllightSykes chief executive officer Paul Thompson, along with a hand-picked team of AllightSykes professionals, accepted the challenge and set to work immediately.

Paul and the team’s response was decisive, far-reaching and swift: they researched, travelled, investigated, forecasted, budgeted, compared, negotiated, tested and negotiated again, searching the world for the most effective and efficient way to beef up our product offering.

The new Urban Light Tower – coming soon – was one result of their hard work. And the other big deal – recently sealed – was with Excellence Pumps.

One of China’s leading Pump manufacturers, offering a proven range of heavy-duty slurry pumps, Excellence is the perfect partner in terms of pricing and performance.

As Paul explained: “We’re extremely confident this partnership is a great fit. We’ve spent nearly 12 months working through the details and we’re now ready – feeling more agile and market-fit than we’ve been in many years.”

We’re pumped to be working with another market leader

In the above photo, AllightSykes CEO Paul Thompson is sealing the deal with Mr Zhang Gengming, the owner of Excellence Pumps. They’re pictured outside the head office of Excellence Pumps in central Beijing, respectfully commemorating the deal with a handshake.

Paul and the AllightSykes team also visited the Excellence factory, a massive purpose-built manufacturing facility about 100km from Beijing. It’s an area of China that’s famous for its industrial capacity – the manufacturing output in this one province alone is extraordinary. With their innovative designs and manufacturing capabilities, Excellence have quickly grown to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of slurry pumps.

“The partnership with Excellence represents a win-win for both companies” said Paul. ”Excellence will enjoy the benefit of our vast world-wide reach and trusted brand recognition, whilst we add another suite of high-performing slurry pumps to our range. The pricing of the Excellence pumps will complement our existing brands perfectly.”

As the AllightSykes Product Lifecycle Manager Gert Inja, explained: “Excellence Pumps offer us a choice off-the-shelf products and tailored, engineered solutions. In Australia, we’re looking forward to reselling a range of heavy duty Excellence pumps suitable for both mining and construction.”

The introduction of this new range of pumps heralds an exciting time of growth and reinvention for AllightSykes. As we diversify our market share, across both the mining and civil construction sectors, the addition of these quality new products creates a stronger, more versatile business. And that’s just what the Doctor ordered to stay fit and healthy, well into the future.