Padlocks are a crucial part of any Lockout tagout Procedure.  Lock Out all types of energy sources with Cirlock’s comprehensive range of padlocks.

Cirlock’s Lockout Tagout Padlocks are available in 8 distinct colours, enabling individual locks to be easily recognisable for workers.  While Red is primarily used for Personal Lockout, other colours can be used to indicate supervisors or different departments.

Cirlock Cable Padlocks SLP-230

Not only can the Cirlock Cable Padlocks be used as a regular padlock, but the flexible cable shackle also makes it easy to get into tight spots when conventional metal shackles can’t.  They can also be used for locking out multiple devices at once.  The Cable Padlocks are keyed Individually as standard and are made from tough chemically resistant materials.  The plastic-coated steel wire diameter is 4.5mm thick and available in 30cm or 90cm lengths, in Red, Yellow or Blue.

Cirlock padlocks can also be personalised with photos, names and phone numbers or branded with your company logo.

Cirlock Padlock Dust Covers

To accompany your Cirlock padlocks, Cirlock have recently released a range of padlock dust covers.  These convenient flexible covers are a great new design of ours that will protect your padlocks.  They help prevent dirt, dust and insects from jamming your padlock, giving them a longer life on site.

The key cap end sits neatly over base of the lock and provide easy access to the cylinder.  Simply move the key cap to insert the key.  Once the key is removed, the key cap easily clips in to place and covers the keyhole, preventing dust from entering.

The dust covers are neat and practical, and the unique design also allows for you to still be able to view the padlock labelling or ownership notes.

Cirlock padlock dust covers can be purchased with the padlock or retrofitted to all Cirlock Safety Lockout Padlocks (except the SLP-150 series).  They are sold in packs of 5 or 25.

Head here to explore the range, or visit our Contact Details tab to get in touch with Cirlock about your needs.