Fabric shelter manufacturer DomeShelter Australia used the launch of a new website last week to also show off a new logo and corporate branding.

Designed by Perth company Juicebox, the logo and new corporate colours reflect a real sense of confidence by the company in their Fabric Shelter systems.

Incorporated in the new branding is the ‘Engineered to Protect’ statement, which reflects the quality and durability of the structures supplied by DomeShelter Australia often into the remotest and harshest environments around the world.

The new website incorporates significant new features based on intensive feedback from users of the old site. The ease of the customer journey through the website was a major consideration in the design. The focus has changed to product and common uses of that product and there has been an upgrade of information available to the client.

Also, in the seven years since the design of the previous website, DomeShelter Australia has become increasingly focused on the world export market, with their shelters now installed in over 30 countries. The new website makes a major feature of the company’s global presence.

The company has also embraced 3D design technology with its 3D Designer software firmly featured on the site. This major new initiative provides customers with the ability to design their own shelter solution rather than having to rely on experts. The Design Your Own Shelter programme on the DomeShelter website has users creating photorealistic 3D models of their preferred shelter in minutes. They can then share with colleagues or send to DomeShelter Australia for a quote or design refinements to meet their exacting shelter needs.