Ausroad has just delivered two new water trucks, the AWT4 and AWT5 to Queensland mines.

The water trucks have been delivered to Bowen Basin mines to address dust associated with mining activity. After extensive testing and hands-on experience, Ausroad has developed an innovative water truck design that supports the conditions specific to these Queensland mines by making it accessible, efficient and easy to operate. With a capacity of over 15,000 litres, these water trucks are tailored to Australian mining conditions. They increase safety by reducing dust exposure for ground staff and by cooling down the pit, which can reach temperatures of over 40 degrees Celcius.

Ausroad supplies two innovative types of mining plant support vehicles, delivering great productivity to mining operations from open-cut to drill and blast.

Specially designed to support open-cut drilling operations, Ausroad Drill Support Vehicles are reliable, productive and safe. The vehicles’ 15,000-litre water and 4,000-litre diesel capacities allow for a full shift’s work without having to stop to refill. These trucks feature multiple options for fuel and water delivery to support the drilling process.

Ausroad provides comprehensive design, manufacture and delivery, as well as training, operators and complete safety specifications. We are able to manufacture specialised fluid trucks and support trucks and our expertise ensures every Ausroad Drills Support Vehicle is built for maximum productivity and safety.

Benefits include:

  • Extreme reliability with minimal downtime
  • Comprehensive training and safety standards
  • Maximised fluid capacity for added productivity
  • Epoxy tank lining to prevent corrosion
  • Heavy-duty vehicles designed to your unique specifications

Ausroad Water Trucks are a great choice of vehicle for safety and productivity on mine sites. As specialists in drill and blast operations, Ausroad is an expert in supplying this support vehicle to clients.

Ausroad Water Trucks are purpose-built for the drill and blast environment, where hot and dusty conditions are inevitable. In these harsh environments, Ausroad is dedicated to providing safe working conditions and by increasing its fleet of water trucks can do precisely that.

Benefits include:

  • Increased safety
  • Minimised exposure and inhalation of harmful dust and particles
  • Reduced ‘bulldust’ by suppressing dust on the shot
  • Comprehensive preparation of the shot, enabling more efficient stemming
  • Purpose build vehicles in high demand on drill and blast sites
  • Complete Operational Health and Safety compliance

Through our commitment to innovation and optimisation, Ausroad has been developing attachments for support trucks to increase safety and efficiency. A funnel fill system is being designed to replace the practice of operators getting out of their vehicle to hose the drill. The new system will use a water cannon to spray water into the drill. This means operators won’t have to exit the vehicle, reducing manual handling and increasing efficiency and driver safety.

Ausroad has also developed oversized galvanised funnels tailored to the large-scale fill points used on some mine sites.