MTU Friedrichshafen (MTU) has recently approved PrixMax RCP for use in various commercial MTU series engines.

PrixMax RCP will be listed as an approved coolant in the latest edition of the MTU Fluids and Lubricants Specifications for commercial MTU series engines (A001061/38).

PrixMax RCP is a high-performance, environmentally sustainable glycol-free coolant and corrosion inhibitor based on extended life organic additive technology (OAT).  The product has also been independently certified as 100% Carbon Neutral.

PrixMax RCP has been proven to provide long-life corrosion protection for all system metals, and excellent cavitation protection without the need for nitrite or nitrite-based supplemental coolant additives (SCAs).

This high-quality engine coolant and corrosion inhibitor is suitable for use in automotive, marine, stationary and power generation cooling systems where freeze protection is not required.  In addition to being formally approved for use in various MTU engine series, PrixMax RCP also meets or exceeds a broad range of other heavy-duty OEM specifications and requirements.

Developed for extended service performance in heavy duty engines in particular, PrixMax RCP technology boasts arguably the most extensive field experience in Australia and South East Asia in mining, oil and gas, power generation and heavy transport applications of any comparable product on the market