Working safely is part of M2P Engineering’s DNA. We have implemented a complete health, safety, environment, quality and community policy.

We have attained the ISO certifications; ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 45001 (Workplace Health and Safety Management). As part of this, we believe providing up to date safety information on worksites is paramount – The Mining & Quarry Industry Guide to Workplace Safety provides a valuable and tangible safety resource for all staff on sites.

Pro-Visual Publishing will soon be distributing the annual Mining & Quarry Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2020/21, in partnership with the Australian Mines and Metals Association and the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre.

This year’s free of charge guide focuses on safety issues pertinent to the industry today, including work health and safety regulations, roads and other vehicle operating areas, health monitoring in mining, and first aid.

The mining industry has the third highest fatality rate of any industry, with an average of nine deaths per year.

In a bid to help reduce workplace accidents, the poster-style guide is designed for display in accessible areas that are visible to employees. It complements safety meetings and toolbox talks and can be referred to on a consistent basis to reiterate the importance of safety.

Since 2016, the guide has featured an interactive augmented reality (AR) component, which aims to enhance user engagement.

M2P is passionate about developing its safety products, to deliver the safest and most efficient outcomes. We have sponsored the Workplace Safety Guide, because we are also passionate about the communication of safe-work-information on sites, at all levels. The Workplace Safety Guide provides this information to staff on the ground, where it counts most.