Miner Elastomer Products Corporation is a proud recipient of the Good Standing Certificate from the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA®) and has been working with MANA® for over 17 years. Through this partnership, we have expanded our salesforce and partnerships throughout the United States and the world.

With MANA’s help, we were able to create a highly technical and customer-focused sales team. This salesforce has allowed MEPC to create stronger relationships with our customers and provides technical feedback that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

TecsPak® is a highly engineered product that requires a lot of technical knowledge and expertise to apply its unique properties to an application. TecsPak® can also be applied on a wide range of applications and can be seen on treadmills, lawnmowers and even mining haul truck suspensions. In order to represent Miner Elastomer Products TecsPak® products effectively, our sales representatives need to be versatile and have an excellent understanding of numerous markets as well.

MANA® has helped MEPC expand its sales internationally, as well in India and Canada especially. We have two great sales representatives that are experts on our product offerings and provide excellent support to these international customers as well. Miner Elastomer Products is excited to continue working with MANA® and build an even stronger relationship with our sales team and partner!