We are often asked how long a Monaflex system lasts or how many hours of service can be expected from each component. Length of service is determined by two factors – what we do to make a robust, effective and quality Monaflex product and how it is maintained and used in the field

Our investment in Quality…

• Design – We consistently invest in product design, incorporating intelligence from the field and utilising new technologies
• Materials – We use the highest grade materials with a program of batch and benchmark testing to ensure consistent quality
• Operational quality assurance – Quality testing is undertaken and recorded at every stage of the manufacturing process and each item is issued its own ‘product passport’
• Investing in people – Quality is the responsibility of every team member and this is reflected in our training and personal performance programmes

How you can expand product lifespan….

Following best practice guidelines can extend product life span. Just a few of our top tips for optimum performance:

• Use talc or silicon spray on Heat Pads to eliminate friction and ensure free movement against the profile of the tyre as airbags inflate
• For crown repairs, fully pack out your lugs to prevent damage to Heat Pads
• Ensure your Control Panel is close to your setup to avoid strain on airlines and electrical connections
• Never lift Heat Pads by the leads
• Always pay careful attention to the inflation of the airbags and follow the correct procedure
• Always check Airbag covers for signs of wear or damage. Replacing worn covers is a simple way to extend Airbag lifespan