National Group, through National Plant & Equipment continues to be a key supplier of the latest heavy earthmoving equipment to the mining industry, including the Liebherr R 9200 Excavator to an open-cut gold mine in Western New South Wales.

The Liebherr R 9200 Excavator offers the biggest payload in its class with the 12.5m³ bucket capacity, enabling sustainable performance and peak fuel burn efficiency in the most challenging conditions.

Featuring Liebherr’s outstanding reliability and easy serviceability, this allows maximum uptime for mining operations, leading to more sustainable and cost-effective operations.

Boasting the Cummins QSK38 engine, with a rating of 810kW at 1,800RPM, the powerful R 9200 is available powered by both diesel and electric motors.

The R 9200 can also be fitted with backhoe and face shovel attachments, giving it a bucket capacity and shovel capacity of 12.50 cubic metres at 1.8 tonnes per cubic metres.

So far, both the National Group and Liebherr have received positive feedback on the R 9200 from users, which are impressed by its operator-friendly features.

National Group managing director Mark Ackroyd said the arrival of the Liebherr R 9200 had further diversified the company’s already impressive fleet of equipment.

“The feedback from the site is that the Liebherr R 9200 has been very well received,” said Ackroyd.

“Our customers have been impressed with the performance of the Liebherr R 9200, it’s a very good machine and is competitive with other machines of a similar size and type.”

In addition to the quality Liebherr features, National Group is known across Australia for its dry hire of heavy earthmoving equipment, helping mining companies improve their onsite efficiencies without putting undue stress on their operating budget.

This is particularly relevant presently as the coronavirus pandemic has led to economic uncertainty around the globe, meaning some companies have had to be mindful of how much capital they allocate to certain projects.

“National Plant & Equipment, part of the National Group specialises in the dry hire of heavy earthmoving equipment,” Ackroyd says.

“We continue to be a key supplier of mining equipment to the industry and through our expansive fleet of heavy mining equipment, we can offer industry-leading availability.

“Renting equipment enables a company to increase its efficiency, and improve the productivity of its mining operations in reaction to fluctuating commodity prices.

“Giving mining companies the option to rent versus buying equipment means they can remain agile and nimble, regardless of the environment we are in.”

With gold prices reaching all-time highs of more than $2000 (A$2,763) per ounce, iron ore prices soaring to almost $110 per tonne and copper prices rebounding to highs of $6362 per tonne as Chinese demand has recovered, the mining industry continues to be as strong as ever.

“The price of metals such as iron ore and gold is soaring at the moment,” Ackroyd explains.

“We have developed strong strategic partnerships with clients who operate across both commodities and it has been great to see them experiencing exponential growth.

Working alongside Liebherr, National Group selected the R 9200 excavator for site, applying the joint understanding of the mine, the work being completed there and previous success using Liebherr equipment.

“Liebherr’s relationship with National, and understanding of the gold mine site requirements allowed us to put forward the appropriate sized excavator and tailored bucket size to suit both National’s and site’s requirements,” Liebherr-Australia major account manager Ben Kerr explains.

“The addition of this R 9200 to National’s fleet further expands their range of mining equipment, building on the strong relationship and ease of doing business between the two companies.”

National Plant & Equipment continues to be a key supplier of heavy earthmoving equipment to the mining industry, providing the industry with a reliable equipment solution, without overstretching its budget.