DomeShelter Australia is seeing a trend in the mining industry worldwide for the use of Container Mounted Fabric Shelters. A tipping point is apparent, as they are being installed on an increasing number of sites throughout the world.

Visually appealing, they also offer significant benefits, including ease of transportation to site and ease of installation and relocation, once on-site. They offer an innovative and cost-saving shelter solution that have been in production for over 25 years but are now used as a standard shelter solution by some of the world’s leading mining companies.

Widely utilised as light and heavy-duty workshops, warehouses and materials storage units, the Fabric Structures supplied by DomeShelter Australia are now used in more than 25 countries. With an aggressive export strategy implemented in the past 12 months, these shelter units are now going into the European and South American continents, as well as traditional markets in Africa and Asia.

Container-Mounted Fabric Shelters are an attractive alternative to the traditional steel buildings. Built to withstand cyclonic winds in the harshest environments, the DomeShelter Australia Fabric Shelters are renowned for their strength, durability and reliability. Fabricated in Western Australia and shipped in kit form in sea containers, to virtually anywhere in the world. Up to 1,000m² of shelter can be packed into a single container.

Recent orders to Argentina and Spain reflect the company’s success in reaching into new markets.

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