A highly respected automotive mechanic for nearly four decades now, Joe Murphy specialises in heavy trucks, graders, loaders, cranes and tractors – with a key focus on the big machines powered by Perkins. In fact, all together, the team at AllightSykes Dandenong offers over 110 years of mechanical experience.

Joe is the team leader at AllightSykes Victoria. Based in our state-of-the-art workshop in Dandenong, he’s ably supported by his hand-picked team of talented technicians, including three Diesel Fitters, an A Grade Electrician, plus his dedicated Spare Parts Specialist and Customer Service Coordinator.

Yes, it’s safe to say that AllightSykes Victoria is in very experienced hands. Yet surprisingly, for this writer at least, those hands aren’t always covered in grease. Over the years the job has evolved from purely mechanical.

“Many vehicles now possess complex computer and electronic systems, so we require a much broader base of knowledge,” Joe explained.

Which makes Joe and his team such a special resource. With priceless, old-school knowledge and unparalleled experience, complemented by the latest training, tools, talent and techniques, they can handle anything that comes their way.

Joe explained: “Just recently, a client was getting the expensive run-around from the agent of their warrantied tractor. With the machine slowly being replaced part by part by the agent’s mechanics, but still seemingly no closer to finding a solution, he asked us to take a look.”

That’s when the Victorian field service team swung into action. Traveling to site in their fully tooled workshop on wheels, they diagnosed the problem accurately and very quickly. They then wrote a concise report for the client explaining exactly what the problem was. The client took this information back to the manufacturer’s agent.

“After weeks of barking up the wrong tree, we directed them exactly where find to the cause of the issue and the client finally got back to work,” said Joe.

When you provide great service, word gets around

More and more people with heavy machinery are realising that this kind of expertise – coupled with Joe’s honourable and transparent attitude – is an extremely rare commodity indeed. When they learn he can also expertly service and repair all makes and all models – even engines under warranty from other dealers – the demand for AllightSykes Dandenong is growing fast.

As Joe said: “Sure we’re the recognised experts for all types of Perkins engines – we’re the local Perkins distributor after all – but there’s many strings to our bow. We handle any size engine from any brand of machinery. In fact, the more complex or different, the better for me – I love a challenge.”

The proof is in the pudding too, as Scott Bennett, General Manager – Customer Support explained: “A review of the recent jobs completed in the Dandenong workshop shows a who’s who of heavy-machinery brands. And the applications are just as diverse too – agriculture, construction, power generation, dewatering, earth moving, materials handling and more.

“And with some engines requiring complex and highly-skilled extractions before service or repair can even begin, the team can also arrange transport logistics,” Scott said.

For healthy engines, prevention is better than cure

As part of a seamless customer service package, a preventative maintenance schedule is also arranged with key clients – which is especially valuable for the regional customers.

“That way, when the field service team is already on the road, they can optimise costs by visiting remote locations in a geographically sensible way,” said Scott.

“It makes sense for all involved.”

So, if you have an engine that needs service or repair, anywhere in the State of Victoria, call Joe and his team from AllightSykes. “With our traveling service technicians, or in our workshop, we’re never too far away. Either way, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a company that prides itself on totally open disclosure, at all times,” said Joe.

With impeccable mechanical skill and cutting-edge, technological expertise, Joe and his team at AllightSykes Victoria will keep your engines and your business running smoothly.