Designing a fabric structure just got a major facelift with the release of a 3D design tool by DomeShelter Australia.

DomeShelter clients can now create a photorealistic 3D model of their preferred Fabric Shelter Structure in minutes. Starting with a selection of standard mounting options including sea containers or posts, the user chooses the size and structural design of their shelter. Walls and doors can be added and sized followed by equipment placement.

Designs can be created for a workshop, warehouse, staff amenity, aviation hangar or many other uses of fabric structures.

The design can also be shared with colleagues or sent as a quote request directly to DomeShelter Australia.

Traditionally DomeShelter clients relied on professional designers to mock up an image of their preferred shelter. The new software puts the design process firmly in the hands of the client, saving time and ensuring a much more engaging process for the client. Even the newest users on a mine site or in a procurement office can go online to create a lifelike image of their preferred shelter design. The sales staff at DomeShelter Australia can then work with them to rework if necessary and quote the design as required.