Norbar Australia and Engentus are pleased to announce we are partnering together to launch the TopTorqueTM Precision Reactionless Bolting System through the Norbar Australia network throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This partnership with Norbar, a highly respected company in the Australian tooling industry, will make a higher grade of safer tooling accessible across Australian workplaces.

The TopTorqueTM works in conjunction with the Engentus developed reaction-tip bolts and counter-rotating drivers to internally react all the torque applied to a nut and bolt. This increases the safety and efficiency of using powered torque wrenches by removing the requirement for a reaction arm, providing increased productivity, safety, and a more accurate alternative to impact wrenches. Neither the operator nor the surrounding structure is exposed to the forces and torques required to install and/or remove the bolted assembly.

The TopTorque bolting system enables the tightening of fastener nuts (whether standard hex nuts or the Engentus developed SegnutTM Lateral Release Nuts) to bolts with no external reaction forces (i.e, no reaction bars), impacts or excessive noise – bringing a new and increasingly required capability to our customers.

The TopTorque system compliments Norbar’s EBT range of battery-powered torque multipliers and provides customers with a choice for future bolting practices.

Engentus CEO, Mr Tom Baskovich, commented, “The TopTorque system was developed as a direct response to industry leaders targeting improved productivity and engineering outcomes whilst also being cognizant of the increased focus on Work Health Safety regulations. Norbar Australia has been a supportive partner during the development phase of the TopTorque system and we are very proud to now join forces in bringing this industry-leading product to our Australian and New Zealand customers.”

One of the many advantages of having the TopTorque in the workplace is its clever weight design. The tool’s lightweight and highly accessible features allow it to be an asset to a diverse workforce by widening the pool of potential employees that can remove and install nuts.

This partnership with Norbar enables the TopTorque tooling range to be more accessible across Australia and New Zealand, granting more workplaces the choice to opt for safer tooling practices. The TopTorque system will be available across a range of battery-powered tools and work with a range of bolt applications and sizes.

Norbar Australia’s MD, Mr Matt Packer, commented, “Norbar Australia is proud to collaborate with another Australia-based company to bring the locally developed TopTorque system to our Australian and New Zealand customers. The TopToque system brings a new level of capability and safety to bolting practices and builds on the reliability, accuracy and that our EBT range of torque multipliers has established in the market.”