At SBH Solutions our objective is to improve heating efficiency and safety for all industries, including mining. With a strong commitment to designing and sourcing innovative and quality products, we aim to address unique challenges faced by our clients in the mining sector.

Insulated heating jackets are proven to enhance operational efficiency, protect equipment, and ensure the safety and comfort of workers. Our range is the most comprehensive available anywhere catering for all types of process heating requirements in mining whether on land, underground or on the seas.  Reliability and safety come from having the best equipment sourced from the best suppliers and SBH Solutions is dedicated to giving advice that ensures that the right product is used for the right operational environment.

Addressing Critical Challenges in Mining Operations

Cold Weather Conditions

Mining operations are frequently conducted in remote locations where temperatures can drop significantly. These frigid conditions can cause equipment and essential materials to freeze, leading to operational delays and increased maintenance costs.

Industrial heating jackets provide consistent and reliable heat, preventing freezing and ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Viscosity Control

The mining industry relies heavily on various liquids, including fuel, lubricants, and chemicals. These substances can become highly viscous or even solidify in cold temperatures, disrupting flow and performance. Our heating jackets maintain the optimal viscosity of these fluids, ensuring they flow smoothly and perform effectively, thereby preventing costly interruptions.

Hazardous Area Heating

Some environments call for care and require explosion proof Ex products.  Our heating jackets are rigorously tested and independently certified to IECEx standards for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas to T3 and T4 levels.

Heating in the Wet

Mining equipment needs to operate at all times, rain or shine.  Our heating jackets can work safely in the wet to Ingress Protection level IP56 or can be covered with a heavy-duty PVC cover to provide certainty of operation in all weather.

Safety of Power Supply

Mining requires the use of the safest products, so our heater jackets take this seriously by having armoured SY cable as standard. 5 metre power cords which are double insulated with PVC outer cover and armoured, cut resistant, galvanised steel braid provide flexibility and peace of mind to managers and operators alike.

Why Choose Our Industrial Heating Jackets?

SBH Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience providing heating solutions to the mining industry. We supply proven, quality products manufactured in Europe or Australia to Australian and global standards.  We stock the widest range of industrial heating jackets for immediate delivery:

  • Our standard industrial heater jackets are made with washable coated nylon and heat resistant glass-cloth and have a 0ºC – 90ºC robust and reliable capillary thermostat. A standard Hi-Heat 205 litre (also known as a 55-gallon) drum heating jacket can achieve an average 4ºC to 6ºC per hour heat rise across the mass.
  • To achieve a faster heat rate or a higher heating power, we offer the Hi-Power range of heating jackets to meet your requirements. They can achieve up to 8°C per hour average heat rise across the mass. This range has silicone coated glass-cloth inner and outer surfaces and even thicker insulation. Standard is a 0 – 90ºC capillary thermostat with 0-180ºC optional.
  • For very difficult to heat solids or when requiring a rapid heating process, you can also combine an insulated heater jacket with a drum base heater to maximise heating efficiency and results.
  • For hazardous zone heating applications, we provide the unique InteliHeat FlexiPlus range of IECEx heating jackets to accommodate Zone 1 and Zone 2 heating requirements.
  • For industrial heating in wet zones, we offer unique fixed thermostat heater jackets using WeatherSeal technology; alternatively, our jackets are safe to use with heavy duty PVC covers which in the mining industry also provide longevity as “grime” protection from grease and dust.