Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of production. It is a ratio of actual
output (production) to what is required to produce it (inputs). For businesses, productivity growth is important because providing more goods and services to consumers translates to higher profits.

However, most employers forget to recognize the connection between productivity and employee well-being in the workplace and don’t supply premium anti-fatigue matting. Studies indicate that a majority of employees change their job every three years. The top reason was that they felt stressed and tired on the job. You can’t say a Red Bull can and a quality anti-fatigue mat such as the premium Orthomaster Mats won’t fix these issues.

All businesses need to ask themselves if they are hindering productivity by ignoring employee wellbeing. Employees need to be mentally and physically fit to deliver better results over time. It is fast becoming evident that health concerns such as not introducing premium AMCO anti-fatigue matting need to be considered to maintain a good workplace environment.

Importance of a Healthy Workplace Environment

A healthy workplace environment is ideal when it comes to maintaining a positive outcome in a stressful atmosphere. The most important thing that influences employee motivation and happiness, and how productive and efficient they can be, all goes down to their working environment.

Working, whether paid or unpaid, is good for our health and well-being. It contributes to our happiness, helps us to build confidence and self-esteem, and rewards us financially. It is important for businesses to attract employees by creating a healthy environment rather than making it harder for them to return to the same workplace not using premium anti-fatigue mats that made them unwell with associated pain in the feet, legs, ankles and lower back

Is Productivity and Employee Health Related?

Work-related problems can affect our physical, emotional and mental health. When
employee health is compromised, productivity is negatively impacted by a number of factors.

Common issues include job dissatisfaction, workplace injury, stress, discrimination, bullying and even violence in extreme cases. Either an employee quits the job or he is let go by the management to avoid losing time and money. Mental health concerns and poor physical health lead to minimal productivity.

Safety in the Workplace

Any unsafe workplace environments in the main do not offer new and or upgrade older anti-fatigue matting. Using the same rubber mats that were purchased 20 years ago isn’t smart especially when other office and bench interiors get upgraded for better production and new replacement anti-fatigue mats don’t get a look in.

A healthy workplace environment also involves the physical environment of the office or workshop and the occupational health and safety of your employees. Reduce the worry of your employees by looking into the safety of the workplace and providing anti-fatigue mats that help employees increase production. Explore ways to improve how workstations are designed. Majority of employees have to either sit or stand for long hours at their workstations.

Orthomaster Industrial Mats are the ultimate solution to reducing physical strain at work. They can be easily placed on the floor anywhere to relieve foot and leg pain. By allowing your employees to come to a safer working environment, overall employee satisfaction, health and morale will be boosted. Employees in such an environment are exposed to occupational diseases such as heat stress, deafness, ergonomic disorders and suffocation.

Benefits of Employee Retention

In the long-term, unhealthy employees are a financial drain on a company. They take
frequent leaves, miss out on key targets and if they are away from work due to an illness, there will most likely be a case of poor productivity once they rejoin. Imagine this: one of your best employees resigns out of the blue.

If all your top projects were being managed by him, you have a whole new set of challenges to tackle on top of your daily responsibilities. It is not profitable to hire new employees and train them all over again.

On the other hand, it is wise to invest in long term solutions that guarantee better health for all employees. The Orthomaster Industrial Mats have saved multiple businesses from losing great employees. They help design welcoming environments at work that make employees feel at home.

Wellness Programs at Work

Finances can be saved and valuable employees can be retained by designing a wellness
program in the workplace. A common wellness program includes encouraging personal connections, setting aside time slots for meditation at work, making room for more breaks to rest, promoting the need to support one another and most of all, designing a work area that benefits physical employee health. Mental and physical health is
inter-related. If an employee is stress-free, he will be more productive physically. It is definitely helpful to exercise at work but the employee’s workstation should be comfortable enough for him to work easily. This includes standing at the workstation, sitting at the computer, using stairs and walking long distances within the work premises. Orthomaster Industrial Mats can be customized for all kinds of surfaces. They help alleviate physical stress caused long working hours.


Ultimately, good employee health means good business. No company wants to lose
hard-working employees who cannot be replaced. It has become imperative to invest in employee well-being programs in the workplace. By making physical changes to the workstations and including the Orthomaster Industrial Mats in all areas of work, businesses can keep valuable employees without reducing productivity levels.