Omnian, developed for Malvern Panalytical’s high-end XRF spectrometers, is also available for the Epsilon 4 EDXRF benchtop systems. This powerful combination brings together the strengths of Omnian with the ease-of-use of Epsilon 4. Omnian is designed to provide fast, reliable quantification in the default ‘black box‘ mode. However, the data collected is comprehensive and can be reviewed in further detail if required.

This application note demonstrates the capability of Omnian for the analysis of a variety of industry-related samples, such as cement, metals, oils and geological samples, using default settings in only three minutes per sample. Omnian’s advanced Fundamental Parameters (FP) algorithm automatically deals with the analytical challenges posed by samples of widely different compositions from a variety of sources.

Omnian’s friendly user interface offers scaleable solutions for routine to advanced usage. Minimal steps are required for operation: enter the sample ID, enter preparation details if required and press the ‘measure’ button.


A cement standard (NIST 1885a) was prepared as a fused bead and measured with the default Omnian settings, selecting loss on ignition (LOI) as the balance. The measured concentrations are compared with the certified concentrations and show a good correlation.


A low alloy steel standard (BAS SS404/1) was analyzed to illustrate Omnian’s performance when analyzing metals. The only sample preparation that was used was cleaning the surface with fine sandpaper.

Comparison of the measured and certified concentrations show that Omnian can reliably analyze major and minor elementals in metals. Even better results can be expected when using the advanced features within the software.

Fuels, oils and petrochemicals

A lubricating oil standard from VHG-Labs Inc. (Lube Oil 16) was chosen to show Omnian’s fuel, oil and petrochemical analysis capabilities. Five milliliters were put into a disposable liquid cup for analysis. CH2 was calculated automatically as a balance compound by the Omnian software


A stream sediment standard (GSD11) was analyzed to represent Omnian’s geological analysis capabilities. The standard was prepared as a pressed powder pellet with 10g of sample and 2g of wax binder.

Results demonstrate the power of Omnian at determining the concentrations of major, minor and even trace elements in geological types of sample.


This application note demonstrates the ability and flexibility of Omnian at analyzing solids, powders and liquids, using the default settings.

In combination with an Epsilon 4 EDXRF spectrometer, Omnian can quickly screen major, minor and trace elements within three minutes. The combination of excellent detector resolution, high-sensitivity and powerful software deconvolution models contribute to the accuracy and speed of the results.