Unlike other testing methods that can damage or destroy the object being tested, the very nature of non-destructive testing (NDT) is its biggest advantage.  Materials, structures and components can be evaluated quickly and accurately without being damaged and without their future usefulness being impaired.

Here are eight ways that NDT can benefit your business:

  • Improved safety and accident prevention

Because NDT helps to determine the structural integrity, strength, reliability, suitability and overall health of an asset, it can play a vital role in ensuring that your equipment and structures are fit for purpose and safe.  The safety of your workers and the public is paramount and NDT can ensure on-site safety, prevent problems or accidents which may have proved to be disastrous as well as ensure that your assets are in good working order.  Plus, there’s the added benefit of improved productivity because workers know that their environment is safe.

  • Reduced downtime

Business owners know how costly downtime can be.  However, NDT keeps your assets up and running while testing procedures are under way, so you aren’t faced with the unnecessary penalty of having to shut your entire operation down.

  • Non-invasive procedures

NDT is as its name implies – testing without destroying – so you can determine the structural integrity of your assets or the products you are manufacturing with the total peace of mind that the procedure won’t have any negative repercussions.  Any piece of equipment or machinery can also undergo various types of NDT without affecting or compromising its performance or integrity in any way, which means an even greater degree of reliability.

  • Affordable

Keeping a lid on expenses is a key success factor for any business, and many NDT technologies and instruments deliver cost benefits compared to other methods.  You’ll also find that there are some professional technical equipment supply companies out there who genuinely want to work out the most cost-effective and task-suitable solution for you, so to save you money over the long-term, make sure you choose the right NDT equipment company.

  • Quality control

NDT can be used to ensure the highest levels of quality, right from the raw materials stage through to the finished product.  This ensures consistent product reliability and compliance with client and industry requirements.

  • Cost savings

NDT will save your business time and money in a number of ways.  With the insights into asset health provided by NDT testing, you can replace or repair equipment before costly problems eventuate.  You can also undertake preventative maintenance based on the test results which will save money over the long-term, plus there won’t be any waste with NDT which is another cost-saving advantage.

  • Mitigates environmental risk

With such an emphasis on environmental preservation these days, no business can afford an accident which may negatively impact on the surrounding area.  Financial penalties may be huge, plus there would be the additional costs of reputational damage, costs of rehabilitation etc.  NDT helps detect structural flaws and deficiencies which, if they hadn’t been identified, may have resulted in accidents or infrastructural failures with disastrous effects on the surrounding environment.

  • Enables regulatory compliance

Business owners know how important regulatory compliance is.  NDT provides highly accurate, unbiased results which ensure that products, processes and assets meet industry and regulatory standards.

If you’d like to learn more about NDT and how your business could benefit from the many advanced technologies that are available, please contact Nexxis.