Lockout signs and tags are an important part of any lockout tagout process and help to prevent hazards in the workplace. They are often used in conjunction with lockout devices for locking off an isolation point and assist in ensuring correct procedures are being adhered to. Lockout-tagout not only improves the productivity but cut costs and saves lives.

The role of tags in the lockout tag-out process

Tags are often colour-coded, textual, diagrams, or visuals of warnings during lockouts. However, they play an even greater role in cases where energy-isolation devices cannot be physically locked out. Energy isolation equipment that does not support hasps, safety padlocks, lockable switches, or snap on valve covers needs to be appropriately tagged out to let people know that a particular energy source has been isolated and should not be accessed.

While it is advisable that these devices be eventually upgraded to ensure better workplace safety and the use of lockout devices, companies can continue to rely on effective use of tags to implement a successful lockout tagout process by following Lockout and Tagout regulations. Safety tags, unlike a safety manual or even a safety sign, can be positioned just where a warning is needed and will guarantee to be read.

Tags on isolated energy sources

While tags can directly be placed on or along with lockout devices, they must be placed as closely as possible to the energy isolation machine if it can’t be locked out. It is important to note that tags are not physical restraints, and all employees must be trained to recognise and respect these warnings.

The size and shape of the tag will vary, based on usage. Coloured tags are simple and usually enough to convey the message. However, custom tags with employee photo, technician details, maintenance details, specific instructions, or warnings are an informative and useful to avoid accidental energisation of equipment under repair.

Custom printed tags from Cirlock

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