PrixMax has gained Mercedes-Benz formulation approvals for two of its most popular coolants, PrixMax MEG95 and PrixMax RCP, following completion of the Daimler testing and approval process.

PrixMax MEG95

PrixMax MEG95 antifreeze/coolant has been tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz according to Mercedes-Benz coolant specification MB 325.3, covering all Mercedes-Benz commercial engines according to MB BeVo 310.1.

PrixMax MEG95 a premium OAT coolant concentrate that offers extended life corrosion protection, superior performance at high operating temperatures and year-round anti-freeze and anti-boil protection for petrol, gas, light and heavy-duty diesel engines. This technically advanced formulation will protect all cooling system metals against pitting, corrosion and erosion, and is nitrite, amine, phosphate and silicate (NAPS) free and borate free.  In addition to being formally approved for use in various Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, PrixMax MEG95 also meets or exceeds a broad range of other OEM specifications and strict industry standards.

PrixMax RCP

In addition, PrixMax RCP Cooling System Treatment has been tested and approved against Mercedes-Benz coolant specification MB 312.0, covering all Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and industrial engines where freeze protection is not required, according to MB BeVo 310.1.

PrixMax RCP is a high-performance, environmentally sustainable glycol-free coolant and corrosion inhibitor based on extended life organic additive technology (OAT).  The product has also been independently certified as 100% Carbon Neutral.  PrixMax RCP has been proven to provide long-life corrosion protection for all system metals, and excellent cavitation protection without the need for nitrite or nitrite-based supplemental coolant additives (SCAs).

These latest approvals from Mercedes-Benz demonstrate the exceptional performance and reliability of PrixMax’s coolants in commercial and heavy-duty engines in particular and will offer Mercedes-Benz fleet operators the choice between two fully approved coolants to enable the selection of a coolant that will give the best performance based on system and climatic conditions.