Ausroad Stemming Contour Loaders are the first of their kind in the world, an innovative vehicle able to operate on any drill and blast terrain with unmatched accuracy and safety.

Ausroad Stemming Contour Loaders are the number one choice for Australia’s biggest mining companies. Designed to operate on contours and uneven terrains that large Stemming Trucks cannot, Contour Loaders are a must-have accompaniment to any drill and blast fleet where contour loading is required.

Ausroad knows that productivity is paramount for your operations, and the safety of your staff is even higher. Through innovative design, contour loaders offer a remote control option, meaning no matter the terrain, your staff will remain safe whilst getting the job done accurately and efficiently.

The tracked base of Ausroad Contour Loaders improves stability, whilst the vehicle’s low centre of gravity means it can work on a far higher angle, of up to 20°, compared to the typical 11. The staged inclinometer alerts staff when the loader reaches maximum incline, preventing accidents and ensuring safety for operators and ground staff.

Inferior methods of loading stemming, such as bucket and shovel have proven laborious, inefficient and unsafe. Further, the risk of Stemming Truck roll overs is heightened when the vehicle exceeds an incline of 11°, compromising the efficiency of operations and safety of all staff. As such, reviews into the top risks on mining sites found that loading stemming into holes on steep ground was amongst the top four riskiest tasks.

To remedy this, Ausroad worked with Rio Tinto to develop the prototype for what would become the Ausroad Stemming Contour Loader. Our extensive work with Rio Tinto has resulted in the development of five contour loaders for the company, with a sixth prepared for delivery and ready for use in coming weeks.

Demand for Ausroad Contour Loaders has increased steadily over the years, with the vehicles’ mine specification safety compliance a substantial selling point.

Ausroad Contour Loaders are built in Australia and manufactured to our stringent quality standards and have been contracted to some of Australia and the world’s biggest mines. For companies such as Rio Tinto and FMG, Ausroad Contour Loaders are a necessity.