Ausroad Stemming Contour Loaders and Stemming Trucks are unmatched assets to every mine. Discover the benefits of Ausroad’s most popular mining plant solutions…

Ausroad Stemming Trucks and Contour Loaders deliver substantial and unique solutions to your drill and blast operations. Their varying design features, from controls to capacity, culminate into two vehicles that deliver a competitive advantage on any site.

The two vehicles complement each other by providing increased capacity (Stemming Trucks) with increased scalability (Contour Loaders). Stemming Trucks are designed to deliver large amounts of stemming to flat drill and blast mines, whilst Contour Loaders are optimised for delivering smaller quantities of stemming to diverse, hilly terrains.

Ausroad Stemming Trucks are designed to efficiently work on the shot, with a 20t-capacity and size of _m² used to fill holes accurately and quickly. The expansive capacity of Ausroad Stemming Trucks means no double handling and less movement on the shot.

Comparatively, the smaller size of Contour Loaders, at 1.5m³, affords far greater manoeuvrability but decreased capacity at 1.5 tonnes. Despite a decreased load, Contour Loaders provide the same accuracy, efficiency and safety as their larger counterparts.

Due to their heavier build and capacity, Stemming Trucks are limited to an 11° contour, whilst Contour Loaders are a tracked-base, ‘bobcat’ style unit able to deliver the same accuracy as Stemming Trucks to varied contours and hillier surfaces. Ausroad Contour Loaders are agile units, with a contour capacity of to negate the need for primitive techniques such as shovelling with picks and buckets.  A lower centre of gravity on Ausroad Contour Loaders also affords greater safety by removing the risk of rollovers.

Stemming trucks are operator driven with comfortable, air-conditioned cabins, allowing complete control of the system and on-board communication with supervisors and engineers. Contour Loaders offer innovative remote controlled or ride-on options to adapt to safety requirements and the needs of the environment, whilst ensuring comprehensive communication between vehicle and staff. These vehicles also feature highly intuitive technology that notifies when an incline is too steep. The staged inclinometer allows staff to remain at a safe distance whilst loading and remain informed about the surrounding environment in which the vehicle is operating.

Ausroad’s background in manufacturing equips our staff with the expertise necessary to deliver vehicles designed to provide optimal efficiency and safety. Working with large mining companies to develop our vehicles means Ausroad Stemming Trucks and Contour Loaders are purpose-built for durability, reliability and accuracy.

Learn more about whether an Ausroad Stemming Truck or Contour Loader is best for your site below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our staff to discuss your mine and specifications to develop a tailored solution.

Which vehicle is best for your site?

Stemming Truck

  • Appropriate for large, open mines with a maximum incline of 11 degrees
  • Can fill 50 holes in 15 minutes
  • Large capacity of 20t
  • Air-conditioned cabin
  • Large vehicle (6m – 16m long)
  • Synced with innovative BlastLogic Technology

Contour Loader

  • Appropriate for hilly terrains and contoured mines
  • Small capacity of 1.5t
  • Remotely controlled or ride-on options
  • Small, tracked vehicle with low centre of gravity
  • Fitted with an inclinometer to notify when the terrain is too steep
  • Incline capacity of ___ degrees


  • Accuracy of 0.8 to 2 margin
  • Increased uptime
  • A ‘serious toy for serious work’
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Unrivalled safety, meets full mine specification safety requirments
  • Extremely reliable, durable and purpose-built