Aussie Fabric Shelter manufacturer DomeShelter Australia has recently launched a world-leading 12-year warranty fabric for their unique Aussie tough Fabric Structures.

Mines such as Boddington Gold Mine, Argyle Diamond Mine, and Bald Hill Lithium mine have use for warehousing and workshops constructed by DomeShelter Australia.

This Aussie innovation continues to be a key feature of the DomeShelter Australia story after being the first to market over 25 years ago with our DomeShelter™ Structures. In that time, we have delivered over 5,500 shelters to more than 25 countries.

Aussie tough as the Armourtex 400™ is, this new fabric promises to advance the Fabric Structure market by making Fabric Dome Shelters even more appealing as alternatives to traditional steel buildings. In technical terms, Armourtex 400™ is a coated woven PE using a heavy-duty double-stacked scrim. At just 410gsm, it is lightweight but built tough, for even tougher Aussie conditions.

DomeShelter Australia’s Fabric Structures are defined by arched steel roof usually mounted on standard sea containers and over which high-quality fabric is stretched to provide large-scale span-free workspace. The strength and durability of this Aussie innovation is a key selling point.

With the capacity to design and engineer structures to withstand cyclonic winds, one of the key challenges is to ensure the fabric roof can also withstand the UV of the sun in the harshest environments. Aussie tough Armourtex 400™ meets all these challenges.

DomeShelter is experiencing significant growth in sales both in Australia with the improvement in the mining sector, as well as export sales. Key features that make these shelters popular are the speed of order to installation, sometimes within weeks, their ease of installation and relocation and their versatility as a workshop or warehouse solution on remote sites. Added to that the ease with which they can be transported to site in kit form for installation by on-site teams.