AMCO can save you 70% on anti-slip mining install costs and reduce your anti-fatigue mat cleaning costs by 75% in all food hygiene, GMP and healthcare facilities. We know your employees working on concrete have sore feet. we know some of them are snappy, In pain, have the grumps, Team Tensions, Team Stress, Days of for stress etc. People in pain destroy your companies culture. Invest in AMCO and create better days and a happier workforce.

AMCO has the edge on all anti-fatigue matting and anti-slip stair nosings & anti-slip walkway cleats Australia wide. Saving large corporate companies thousands in labour cost avoidance on install and cleaning costs.

Do you have employees suffering from Plantar Fasciitis who are looking for foot pain relief? Ask for a free 30-day trial Ortho mat to confirm this mat is for you. Now manufacturing TGA certified mats for healthcare and medical environments. The Australia anti-fatigue Matting Company, trading as Amco Industries, are industry-leading suppliers of orthopaedic anti-fatigue mats in New Zealand and Australia. Through our years of providing innovative anti-fatigue matting solutions, we’ve established strong safety partners with large corporate’s around Australian anti-fatigue matting in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

As we continuously grow our brand, we cater for anti-slip walkway mining clients in Australia to America, Canada, South Africa and Papua New Guinea. Today, we are known as the experts in mining anti-slip walkways, steps, stair and inclines. AMCO anti-fatigue matting Australia provides anti-fatigue floor mats unsurpassed in quality, comfort and longevity in the most arduous conditions

What separates us from other anti-fatigue floor mat suppliers and manufacturers is our dedication to reducing your install costs and labour cost avoidance in cleaning rubber workshop mats in all working environments. We are in it for you. Helping save companies large sums of money in mat cleaning costs. Aimed at workplaces where reducing strain on feet, legs, and back is a priority, our new-generation anti-fatigue matting helps minimise long-term injury – giving you a healthier, happier workforce.