Alia Instruments is the technology leader in non-nuclear slurry density meters. The working principle of our instrument based on Newton’s second law has been proven in physics for centuries. The Alia Density Meter (ADM) operates independently of process specifications and can measure all materials—e.g., sand, metals, rocks, and clay—without any problems (including freshwater and saltwater, magnetic, chemical, etc.).

The ADM is the ideal choice for any abrasive slurry application. It is a simple and robust product that measures accurately and reliably. Installation and maintenance are easy and it does not require complicated and time-consuming calibration. The product will be exhibited at the WEDA Dredging Summit and Expo ’23 held on 17-20 July, Las Vegas, US, booth 210.

Contact details:

Booth: 210

Josink Esweg 58

7545PN Enschede

The Netherlands

+31 85 7731 436

Jan Peters