From 5 to 8 November 2019, DEZEGA’s team took part in the International Trade Fair on Safety, Security and Health at Work A+A 2019, which is held every two years in Düsseldorf, Germany. This year, the exhibition welcomed more than 67,000 professional visitors from 134 countries.

DEZEGA presented own stand with state-of-the-art developments for escape and rescue from the irrespirable atmosphere. The newest compressed oxygen breathing apparatus for mine rescuers and innovative self-rescuers were the centre of attraction for the attendees.

At A+A, DEZEGA introduced new products and to-be products that will soon go to market. One of them, the new CARBO-60 is the lightest self-rescuer made in Europe. It has rated working duration of 60 minutes according to the European standard. Due to its unique gravity point, one can wear it on the waist belt, as well as on the shoulder belt all the time while being at work. CARBO-60 provides comfortable breathing conditions during the whole time of escape or while waiting for rescue.

Another major piece of news from DEZEGA was its new compressed oxygen SCBA DEZEGA P‑70. It is the smallest and lightest self-contained breathing apparatus with four hours rated duration and positive pressure in the breathing circuit. It is easy to carry due to weight-distributing harness and has comfortable breathing conditions. Mine rescuers in several countries had been testing it in most severe mine conditions for two years. The new enhanced and customized P-70 soon will be available for order.

DEZEGA CheckUp, the new electronic test set to check the working parameters of compressed oxygen SCBAs, enjoyed much interest, together with the dummy head DEZEGA DH-1000 to check the tightness of full-face masks. Testing with CheckUp is easy and accurate due to minimum human interference within both the procedure and the interpretation of the results. The set is suitable for testing SCBA’s with closed and open breathing circuits, produced by DEZEGA or any other manufacturer.

Customers are already familiar with DEZEGA training equipment. Training to don and breathe in self-rescuers is very important and increases the chances for survival in an emergency. To optimize the cost and effect of regular drills, DEZEGA offers training self-rescuers with a reusable case and a number of cartridge options to fit all training needs. Two years ago, new TRAINER and TRAINER C self-rescuers were only prototypes, and now the company was exhibiting production models, that had already been supplied to Turkey, Colombia, and Australia.