Fluid-Bag is a flexible IBC grease container (1,000l or 900l) for industrial bulk greases, oils, coolants and other liquid and semi-solid products.

The Fluid-Bag container for grease stays sealed during filling, handling and discharge, thus there is no risk of exposure to particles or moisture when handling bulk grease. Fewer changeovers are needed with a 1,000l grease container, further diminishing contamination risks. Clean industrial lubricants ensure a well-functioning fleet and lower downtime and malfunctions costs.

Why is Fluid-Bag a better bulk packaging for industrial grease?

Here we have listed the three main reasons:

  • Fluid-Bag helps you avoid any particle or moisture contamination with the container system that stays sealed during filling, handling and discharge. Fluid-Bags of 1,000l instead of 200l drums mean fewer changeovers, further diminishing contamination risks.
  • Grease residue is reduced with the squeezable flexible container. Using a Fluid-Bag Discharge Roller, 99% product recovery is the norm.
  • Logistics and storage are simplified with the one-way Flexi container or the space-efficient collapsible Multi container.

What kind of industrial lubricants are suitable for use in Fluid-Bag grease containers?

  • Greases (currently used with NLGI class 00-III products)
  • Oils (hydraulic oils, engine oils, gear oils, metalworking fluids, white oils etc.)
  • Coolants
  • Other liquid and semi-solid products

Which Fluid-Bag model should you use for your industrial lubricant?

The choice of the size of the outlet pipe depends on the viscosity of the lubricant product you fill in the Fluid-Bag.

  • As a general rule Fluid-Bags with 2in outlet pipe should be used for NLGI class ≤ 0 greases and for all oils.
  • Fluid-Bags with 3in outlet pipe is used for NLGI class > 0 greases.

As a rule of thumb, it can be said that all industrial lubricant can be transported in Fluid-Bags as long as they are not transport classified as dangerous goods.