Wolff Mining, part of the National Group is well-known for their world-first implementation of semi-autonomous tractor system (SATS) technology into a mining production environment.

Wolff Mining has been recognised for their efforts by winning multiple industry awards and for their work with Caterpillar optimising and implementing CAT Command for Dozing.

Benefits of SATS

Benefits of Wolff Mining’s SATS technology include:

• Safety: Operators protected from on-site dangers and environmental hazards
• Utilisation: Equipment utilisation and shift-long operator efficiency
• Application: Uphill or downhill tip head push and back stacking applications
• Productivity: One operator controlling up to four dozers at a time
• Eliminate: Prolonged exposure to noise, dust and vibration

Wolff Mining provides a range of automated and innovative solutions such as large scale satellite bulk dozer push, semi-autonomous blast hole drilling, contract mining services, excavator pre-strip fleets, civil earthworks, site clearing and rehabilitation works.

For more information on the SATS technology, please contact Lee Edmondson or Kain Ford, National Group Marketing Executives on or 1300 096 618.