Kalari is a major logistics provider specialising in the haulage of commodities across Australia. AKS recently completed a containerised washbay system for their Coober Pedy depot ensuring their fleet remained suitably clean.

The system includes an inlet pump station installed below the washdown pad to collect and feed the washdown water to the treatment plant. A powerful pressure washer, providing 4,000psi at 21 litres per minute, was installed for washdown purposes, and supplied with various attachments.

The treatment plant, built within a shipping container, provides a 4 stage treatment train and includes an integrated control panel for automatic operation. The 1st treatment stage removes suspended solids, free oils, and grease using a coalescing plate separator.

The 2nd stage removes fine suspended solids at a high rate from water using media filtration, and the 3rd stage removes emulsified hydrocarbons from the wastewater using oil adsorbent granules. Finally, the 4th stage uses a flow-paced chlorine dosing system for effluent disinfection, so the fully treated water is suitable for discharge or reuse?