Not all job sites are created equal – nor all surfaces. Whether you work in construction, engineering, quarrying or mining industries, accessing all machinery – up, over and on to – is essential, so enlisting the right equipment to get you there is a top priority.

Where there’s uncertainty, there’s the VRS Monkey M24 and M31 multi-use platforms with the added All Terrain option.  You can move it, wheel it and level it in rough conditions including gravelled surfaces, because not all job sites are equipped with a concrete pad to service gear and equipment on.  That’s why the VRS Monkey with an All Terrain kit fitted is the perfect go-to multi-use unit.

This newest additional kit includes All Terrain wheels, four levelling jacks, and can also have fork pockets added in.  Alongside its ground-breaking capabilities, the VRS Monkey range provides all the key benefits of the VRS Giraffe series – height adjustability, constant grade access, super tough treads etc – but utilises steps instead of stairs to keep the footprint size small.

Like the name suggests, the agility, speed and compactness of the VRS Monkey All Terrain enables this unit to move where other platforms can’t go – and rapidly – making it ideal for use where accessing of machinery is necessary in challenging environment.