No matter your space – factory, workshop, office or warehouse –accessing heights with ease and safety is essential.  Equiptec’s trusted multi-use platforms – the VRS Monkey and Squirrel – have the capabilities to perform at a huge variety of sites with differing height requirements across all industries.

Now, introducing even greater manoeuvrability across these two ranges, is the VRS Go-Base option, which is designed to provide the option of castors at each corner giving amazing agility.

Coupled with its ability to traverse all directions, this new sub-chassis includes a four-wheel braking system, affording greater safety, every time.  It works simply but effectively: instant activation of very effective four-wheel braking when standing on the first step, and a quick flip-up-to-release system enables the unit to move smoothly again on all four castors.

The VRS Monkey’s two adjustable step tower models cover a huge range of heights.  They can be adjusted in seconds and provide a large roomy cantilevered deck.  Just like the VRS Monkey, the VRS Squirrel Series affords efficiency and adjustability for a multitude of spaces.  It can slot into a lift or even be manually lifted up stairs with ease. With four deck height options from 740mm up to 1,440mm, the VRS Squirrel Series easily shifts in and around confined spaces and is perfect for multi-height jobs.

Whatever your need, site or situation, the Go-Base sub-chassis fitted to these two ranges ensures quick and easy height adjustment, outstanding manoeuvrability and a solid braking system in one complete package.