Miner Elastomer Products (MEPC®) is excited to be a part of the first-ever virtual SME in 2021. Be sure to connect with us during the show from 1 March until 5 March to find more information about our exciting products that will help optimise your mining operation!

MEPC® is a manufacturer of high-quality suspension and shovel components for the mining industry. Miner Elastomer Products also offers wheel chocks and conveyor Idlers for your mining operations as well. Our mining products are dependable, durable and cost-effective. Our EU-ROLLERS are certified to meet CEMA 502-2016 standards & fit a wide variety of existing conveyor framework!


EU-ROLLER uses high-quality bearings chosen to meet the requirements of any loading or transporting application. In order to protect and provide longevity for the bearings EU-ROLLER uses our proven patented bearing cap and seal design.

These rollers come in a wide variety of diameters and shaft sizes & configurations as well.

We are the only manufacture of TecsPak® products and are a key supplier in helping your mine meet its performance goals!

TecsPak® rear suspensions

Our TecsPak® rear suspensions have been installed on numerous mining trucks since the ’90s and are helping mines become more efficient by reducing maintenance time and costs.  Our suspensions use our proprietary TecsPak® material and don’t require any gas or oil to maintain the suspension.  These suspensions have also been successful specifically on water trucks for a lot of mines.

MEPC® also manufactures shovel components for the mining industry as well.  Our shovel components are OEM certified components and improve performance, reduce downtime and increase shovel output.  Our shovel components are designed to absorb maximum load capacities while reducing wear and tear on hinges and weldments within the bucket.

Our virtually indestructible wheel chocks for the mining industry can survive an accidental run over and will not cause any damage to your truck’s tyres. They are ergonomically designed with five different sizes to suit your facility’s needs

As you can see from just a few of our mining products Miner Elastomer Products® specialises in manufacturing products that will help generate more performance and extend the lifecycle of your equipment.