Everyday tons and tons of metal sheets and parts are being cut, ground, milled and what not!

It is all being performed in an extreme environment with high temperature, speed and pressure and this kind of a job requires a special kind of MWF that can withstand even the toughest conditions.

We are not inventing a bicycle here: there are multiple formulations, based on oils, semisynthetic/synthetic fluids or water, which are supposed to cool down and lubricate machined parts. And some of them do the work diligently. But only one will stand out from the rest. Water-based fluid that was treated with an additive based on inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulphide particles (IF-WS2).

New data shows unmatched tribological performance (1.25% of IF-WS2 in water gives 800kgf weld ASTM D2783) comparing to other water-based performance components, as well as improvement in cooling capacity of water and anticorrosion properties. NIS’s MWF additive is safe to use: it is non-flammable and chlorine-free, and could help reduce your disposal cost.

Sounds too good to be true? Join us to learn more about IF-WS2 superior performance!

When: Tuesday, May 21 @ 4:30pm – 5pm

Session: 4F | Metalworking Fluids IV

What: Tribological and Anti-Corrosion Property of IF–WS2 Particle in Aqueous Systems

NIS Director of Technical Sales & Marketing Manish Patel, PhD and Bill Tamasco, NIS North American Sales Manager, also are attending the conference and will be meeting with current and potential customers.