From efficiency, accuracy and safety benefits to overall ease of use and less labour, Ausroad Stemming Trucks are unrivalled in their field.

With a background in manufacturing, Ausroad has been producing reliable, high-quality, durable Stemming fleets for companies such as Rio Tinto and BHP for approximately eight years. With options to buy or hire, a Stemming Truck is undoubtedly the way forward for medium to large scale open cut mines, as bucket and bobcat stemming systems become increasingly labour intensive, unsafe and inefficient.

With Ausroad Stemming trucks, 50 holes can be filled in 15 minutes, enabled not only by its large capacity, but by its 760mm side travel which allows easy alignment of feed shoot, with greater accuracy than inferior and laborious systems. Further, the reduced handling of stemming increases up-time and efficiency rates. When long-time contractor of Ausroad, BHP switched to Ausroad Stemming Trucks, we saw an increase of 100% uptime, improving from 150 hours per month to 300.

The 21t capacity of Ausroad Stemming Trucks allows for less movement across the shot, decreasing the risk of stretch-snap-fire instances and other safety issues. Reduced movement across the drill pattern lessens dust exposure, whilst the air-conditioned comfort of the Stemming Truck cabin provides comfort and minimal heat exposure to operating and ground staff.

The Hopper design ensures only size-appropriate stemming is dropped into the hole, operators can rest assured that large rocks will not sever wires, resulting in a costly misfire.

Ausroad’s trucks also feature a positively driven conveyor belt and a 760mm side travel to easily align the feed shoot with blast hole, reducing time to load shots. Higher mechanical flexibility means Stemming Trucks can navigate diverse drill patterns whilst operating with the same proficiency and accuracy. Ausroad parts are durable – able to handle stemming beyond typical 30mm crushed aggregate and perform in hot, dusty conditions.

Rio Tinto conducted a cost-effectiveness strategy to analyse the viability of operating Stemming Trucks on their mines. Their data suggested that the use of stemming trucks on sites significantly decreased instances of misfires, and ‘…two potential misfires equalled the cost of one truck’. This is one of the many reasons why Ausroad is the choice for mining companies who want reliable, cost-effective results safely and professionally. Rio Tinto’s findings are reflected by Ausroad’s increased demand from domestic and international coal and iron mines, with a 9th truck for Cobra Projects in South Africa.

Able to customise trucks to individual requirements, Ausroad simplifies your operations with comprehensive handover and commissioning to develop skills in-house and reduce costs. We manufacture in Australia, with the highest quality systems and parts and a highly skilled team in a full-service workshop. Our dedicated administrative and on-ground team offer around the clock support to ensure a seamless process for our clients, whether your purchase or hire.

If you are interested in more information about Ausroad’s Stemming Trucks or to speak to our friendly team, please contact us.