As an industry leader in Stemming Trucks across domestic and international markets, Ausroad understands the importance of thorough planning, effective communication and quality maintenance in drill and blast operations.

Clear communication in the pre-start meeting not only ensures a comprehensive traffic management plan, but helps form a cohesive team environment in which everyone is aware of their role. As an experienced provider in Drill and Blast operations, Ausroad knows that detailed coverage of crew location, what they are loading, and the roles of each team member is imperative for efficient stemming every time.

Ausroad staff are able to work around Open Cut Examiner reports that give a detailed report on the mining conditions for the day, from the weather and its impact on the ground. With highly flexible systems our fleet is able to work around various drill patterns to ensure uniform accuracy no matter the layout or environment.

Ausroad Stemming Trucks have the ability to work cohesively alongside traffic management plans, reports and daily updates by using adaptable, innovative systems matched with high quality machinery capable of getting the job done, with higher productivity and lower costs per hole.

The Ausroad manufacturing and administrative team is well established and operates in Australia with a dedicated crew of highly experienced and professional staff. We pride ourselves on offering customisable Stemming Trucks, able to be fitted to a variety of chassis and suited to individual needs.

Our workshop crew are fully trained to maintain our Stemming Trucks and are able to communicate individual needs between contractors and Ausroad. The Ausroad fleet is innovative in its design, with fewer moving parts leaving less room for error.

Commissioned to the highest quality standard, we ensure your investment delivers cost-effectiveness and immediate value. Ausroad Stemming Trucks play a vital role in managing an effective process and it is our priority to ensure no matter the conditions, demands or load, our fleet can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Whether you hire or buy, Ausroad’s experienced and professional team provides end to end assistance, via field support and training. We also offer a variety of reporting options that can detail hours, material and measurements broadly or specifically, depending on your needs. Our highly skilled operators, technicians and supervisors provide best practice advice as part of our commitment to Quality Assurance for our valued clients.

Planning and maintenance are vital to the efficient running of drill and blast operations. Ausroad’s experienced team understands this and ensures our hire/purchase machinery is of the highest standard, to assist our clients in achieving the best results possible. Ausroad Stemming Trucks leverage your pre-existing plans to create even greater efficiency with professionalism and safety.

When you invest in Ausroad Stemming Trucks, you are investing in assurance that you have hired the best solution for your mining needs, supported by unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and safety.

To learn more about how Ausroad Stemming Trucks can support you in getting the most out of your mining operations, please contact us.