The Ausroad Stemming Contour Loader is the first of its kind in the world.

These purpose-built, radio-control, track-based vehicles are smaller than traditional Stemming Trucks, but deliver the same efficiency, accuracy and safety. With a 1.5 tonne capacity, the unit allows for maximum stability and all-terrain agility, while radio control keeps operators at a safe distance. Able to go where other vehicles can’t, these vehicles are described as a ‘serious toy for serious work’.

that increase efficiency, improve safety and make production rate more predictable. The Ausroad Stemming Contour Loader is the ideal addition to an existing Ausroad Stemming Fleet to diversify assets and improve productivity. Specifications: – Track-based unity – Remote-control and ride-on options – 1.5t capacity – Meets full mine specification safety requirements – Staged inclinometers warn of excessive operating angles (can travel on angles up to 20° compared to the standard 11°).