METS Ignited is inviting METS and Mining companies to host a STEM university student in their business over the summer break 2019/2020. This is through the Austmine STEM METS Career Program, supported by METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds.

Why take part?

  • Gender and cultural diversity in a company leads to significantly higher performance results
  • Commit your company to helping attract the next generation of multi-skilled workers into our industry, for the long term
  • Gain new skills, perspectives and ideas on projects, clients and solutions
  • Re-energise your workplace with the younger mindset
  • Secure a pipeline of future candidates for permanent job roles

Only by working together as a sector, can we compete with the likes of Google, Amazon, or Nasa to support the technologists, mathematicians, scientists and engineers into our METS and Mining businesses to remain sustainable and competitive for decades to come.

Please contact Megan Edwards on to find out more about the STEM METS Career Program or to receive the application form.