The Federation of European Mineral Programs (FEMP) organizes and coordinates business support for the European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Program (EMMEP) for students in Resource Engineering, Mining- and Geotechnical Engineering, Mineral Processing, Recycling and related academic studies.

There are three different specializations within the EMMEP, accommodating groups of 20-25 students each. FEMP’s role is mainly to coordinate the cooperation with the companies, which support FEMP, manage the financial aspects of the program and maintain the contact with the 700 alumni.

This year, TOMRA has become a sponsor of this great organization, which has highly impacted the career of many students in a very positive way. Apart from enabling studies in a multinational, multicultural and multidisciplinary context, it has always been a forum for the industry and graduates from top European universities.

As Volkert de Ruiter, Alumnus from the TU Delft, describes his program: “The most challenging part of the program were not the courses, but all the things around it — living out of a suitcase for six months, working and having fun with 16 other students, contact with the industry, company excursions, language barriers, etc. I have learned a lot this year, both academically and socially.”

About 35 companies involved in the mining, minerals and recycling business sponsor the students participating in the EMMEP, offering company visits or internships and work placements. FEMP is a strong link between industry and the participating universities. The involvement of industry with the program stimulates interaction and improves the quality of the program.