One person, one lock

If more than one person is working on the same plant, each person should attach their own personal padlock to each isolation point to prevent the equipment being operated. The isolation procedure should identify common lock out points to ensure energy cannot be restored while someone is still working on the plant.

To avoid the need for multiple locks on each lockout point, a group lock box will often be used. Group lock boxes are a great solution for isolating energy points when a large team is working. Using a group lock box allows you to dramatically reduce the number of locks required on a job, as well as limiting the weight on each isolation point by eliminating the need for lockout hasps and multiple padlocks, plus it provides a quick overview of who is still working without going to each energy point to check.

Under this system each lockout point is locked by only one lock (usually the supervisor). The keys to the locks of the plant’s lockout points are placed inside a Group Lock box, which is locked by all the individual locks of people working on the same plant. As each worker’s task is completed, he or she removes their own personal lock. When all locks have been removed, an authorised site supervisor verifies all workers are out of danger before reactivating power supplies or equipment.

There are many options available when it comes to group lock boxes and their sizes. Currently Cirlock stock options from 16 to 84 padlock holes, also in varying designs to suit the needs of the job. Larger group lock boxes also include storage hooks for padlocks when not in use and instruction holders can be fitted to some models.

Featured Group Lockboxes from Cirlock


This group lock box is the largest in the Cirlock range, with holes for 84 padlocks. The GLB-5 is a large aluminium group lock box with a clear tough Polycarbonate front sliding cover and a procedure can be clipped on the lid or inside. Dimensions are 450mm x 500mm x 160mm and the lockout holes hold up to 84 padlocks with up to 9mm shackles, hooks inside for 66 padlocks. This lockbox is suitable for wall mounting and also has a convenient carry handle. Larger models with up to 150 padlock holes are available on request.


Made from folded and welded heavy sheet metal the GLB-6 accommodates up to 12 individual padlocks, plus a ‘supervisors lock’. It comes with a convenient carry handle and also includes a key slot. The lock box is also great for storing padlocks when not in use. Due to customer requests, we recently added 2 colours to our GLB-6 Group Lock Box range, it’s now available in yellow and blue as well as red. Dimensions 250mm(w) x 150mm(h) x 100mm(d) with 13 padlock holes.


This convenient mini group lock box is ideal for when there is up to four people working on a job, without the need for using a larger lockbox. The Mini holds 1 key and up to 4 padlocks, it can be portable or wall mountable and comes with a clear lid and red body. The mini has many benefits including, it is ideal in small team situations, easy to transport and store and is Made in Australia by Cirlock.


Need somewhere to store your padlocks when they aren’t in use? Problem solved with the PCB-1 Permit Control Board – with Padlock Storage Holes! Not only is it a functional Permit Control Board including a Group Lock Box, after listening to customer feedback, we added padlock storage holes!  The Cirlock Permit Control Board is Size 300mm (w) x 550mm (h) Group Lock Box with padlock storage for 16 padlocks, it includes a clear protective A4 size document holder, has convenient carry handle or can be wall mounted and is Made in Australia.

Group lock boxes play an important part in site safety and efficiency. Now with even a custom-made option available there are no excuses for compromising site safety and all employees can be kept safe using the most up to date equipment to enforce the most stringent procedures on your site.

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