SIFCO ASC, the global leader of selective electroplating, has brought to market a new plating method named Encapsulated Plating, combining the technology of both selective plating and tank plating.

The new process takes the best of both existing techniques to offer a sustainable way to plate complex, circular or axis-symmetric parts such as deep bores or recessed areas. Offering the same advantages as selective plating, the process minimises masking, reduces the reliance on immersing an entire part, creates minimal waste and maintains a fast-plating rate.

Using fundamental electrochemical principles and custom tooling that conforms to the geometry of the area that needs to be plated, the part is encapsulated within a sealed fixture and the plating solution is directed through a gap in the tooling, allowing the solution to flow over the component at a high velocity. Due to the nature of the plating method, the new process is suitable across multiple industries, from power generation and industrial through to electronics and aerospace.

With its unique approach, Encapsulated Plating is more environmentally friendly than other plating methods, offering significant health and safety benefits to operators and employees. Alongside this, the new method offers a level of process control, repeatability and traceability that cannot be achieved using other plating methods, giving the customer reassured service for critical components.

SIFCO ASC France engineering manager Patrick Kerampran states: “We’ve identified a need for a solution that’s capable of plating a high volume of complex parts while still requiring the selective electroplating process. Our new solution combines the benefits of both leading plating technologies to meet the demand of the market.”

“By moving to less labour-intensive processes, we can reduce manpower costs while at the same time, offer improved efficiencies for the end-customer, a valued benefit when high volumes of components are in need of plating. With additional benefits ranging from cleaner processes and heightened process control, Encapsulated Plating will allow SIFCO ASC to better serve its customers and continue leading the market in plating technology.”

To learn more about how to best plate non-line of sight areas, SIFCO ASC’s upcoming webinar on Encapsulated Plating will cover the benefits of this unique approach. The webinar takes place on Tuesday, 24th August, and attendees can register by clicking on the ‘Webinar Registration’ tab of the main company page.