Shell and MachineMax have launched a new digital service that will help construction and mining companies to maximise the profitability of their off-highway fleets using smart sensors and next-generation analytics.

Together the two companies plan to tackle a multibillion-pound industry problem characterised by underutilisation of off-highway fleet vehicles, high idling time, and poor maintenance.

“We know our customers want to reduce their total cost of ownership, run their machines for longer and experience less downtime,” said Saskia Mureau, General Manager of Digital Innovation at Shell Global Commercial.

“We are challenging ourselves to think and act differently to address customer pain points. Digital technologies offer opportunities to grow our business in new directions and MachineMax is one way in which Shell is rising to the challenge.”

MachineMax offers a digital service that is designed for off-highway vehicles located anywhere in the world. It is powered by an easy to install wireless smart sensor that fits near the engine of any off-highway fleet vehicle. Using artificial intelligence, it can quickly create a unique machine signature to track vehicles, measure idling and generate other utilisation analytics. Cloud computing is used to deliver all-in-one real-time data and analysis to operators and site managers with an easy-to-use interface that can help them optimise their fleet operations and preventative maintenance programs.

“Like many other sectors, the construction and mining industries are on a digital transformation journey and we can help by equipping their workforce with tools and data that drive efficiencies, lower costs and improve environmental outcomes,” said Amit Rai, CEO of MachineMax.

MachineMax combines rich data sets with the right data analytics to enable companies to anticipate problems and adapt quickly, make the most of their existing fleet and avoid buying or renting new machines. Successful trials have already been completed with customers in the construction and mining industries, and the service is now ready for commercialisation. This is the latest example of how Shell is using venturing and digitalisation to transform its service offering to its customers worldwide.